The Steering Committee is one of the two governing bodies of ICDP which meets at least twice a year and maintains a regular working relationship with the Secretariat. According to bylaws, it is composed of the President and the two Vice-Presidents of the Commission. The Chair of the Steering Committee keeps in regular contact with the Support Group and invite their representatives to attend the meetings of the Steering Committee in order to inform them of the activities of the ICDP, and to enable them to present their proposals and opinions.

The Steering Committee is responsible, among other tasks, for:

Presenting to the General Assembly the strategies and activities proposed by the ICDP, the Support Group and Executive Director, which, while respecting the independence of the Commissioners, will be incorporated in the Annual Action Plan.
Approving and monitoring the implementation of the Annual Action Plan and budgets.

Reviewing and analyzing the possible implementation of activities which, while not having been contemplated in the Annual Action Plan, would contribute to attaining the objectives of the ICDP.

Providing advice to the Executive Director on general administrative policies.

Supervising the regular financial and managerial oversight of the Secretariat.


Currently, ICDP Steering Committee counts with:


Navanethem (Navi) Pillay

President of ICDP and Chair of the Steering Committee

Ruth Dreifuss

Vice-President of ICDP

Ibrahim Najjar

Vice-President of ICDP

Hanne Sophie Greve

Commissioner of ICDP