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Mohammed Bedjaoui

Mohammed Bedjaoui

Mohammed Bedjaoui holds a Doctor in Law of the University of Grnoble and is an emeritus member of the Institute of the International Law. During his career within the Algerian Government he held numerous important offices. At the beginning of the independence of Algeria, he was appointed first as Secretary General of the Government, and then Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals.

In 1970, he was appointed as Ambassador in France, a position he held until 1979, the year he became the Ambassador of the Permanent Mission of Algeria to the United Nations in New York. From 1982 until 2001, Mohammed Bedjaoui served during 20 years as Judge of International Court of Justice of which he became President.

In 2002, he was appointed President of the Constitutional Council of Algeria. He was appointed as Minister of foreign Affairs in 2005 and held this position until 2007. He holds the title of State Minister. (“Ministre d’Etat”).

Mohammed Bedjaoui authored a number of books and around 300 scientific articles. He holds several distictions and received numerous honours. He is doctor honoris causa of a few dozen of universties.